Baby-G BG-6900 & BG-6901

The new Casio Baby-G models (BG-6900 and 6901) have inherited the stylish genes of the popular DW-6900 G-SHOCK model. The DW-6900 has won the hearts of many who are mad about street fashion, with its bold round face and graphical three-dial arrangement that is commonly identified as the ‘three eyes’.



Like all Baby-G shock-resistant watches for women, the new watches embody the concept of tough, cute and cool. While maintaining the three-dial arrangement design, the new watches have a more petite face designed to fit the wrist of a woman. Along with decorative screws adorning both sides of the face, the ring around the light button gives the design an added dimension.




The resin band and components on the watch face are rendered with a glossy finish and the gold and silver-coloured dial plates feature a mirror-like finish that shines and scintillates.


The Casio Baby-G BG-6900 and BG-6901 (SGD139) are available at all Casio G-Factory outlets and authorised dealers.