You can’t go wrong with BSIDED shoes. Designed in France and handmade in Spain, every pair of these eye-catching espadrilles is a hand-woven masterpiece. BSIDED takes the tradition of the Spanish and the flair of the French and creases them into one to get a marvellously crafted and sturdy shoe.




BSIDED coins itself as an ‘artificial sneaker’. Using an advanced ‘trompe l’oiel’ (meaning to trick the eyes) printing technology, the prints are definitely sharp, three dimensional and detailed. Aren’t they great conversational starters?




This unique brand expresses its sense of humour by ridding the rule of left and right. The shoes are designed with no intention of being foot-specific. Slip either shoe on either foot and you are ready to set off for a fun-filled summer all year long!



Retailing at SGD69.90, the BSIDED female collection is available at A Decent Shop.