Casio Sheen

Dazzle up your wrists, ladies! Casio has released two new models for the Sheen lineup of watches for ladies that is based on the concept of elegant, smart and shining. The new SHE-4026SB and SHE-4025SB models feature bracelets made from stain and UV-resistant Fine Resin for long-lasting beauty.


The new models also feature Swarovski elements on the bezel and a star motif in the 9 o’clock position, making the watches sparkle like a piece of jewellery. For the SHE-4026SB, the Swarovski elements are set on the entire bezel and the elegant colour of rose gold has been used for the numerals.

The SHE-4025SB features Swarovski elements at six points around the bezel and the Sheen brand colour, lavender, has been used for the numerals. While offering the sparkle of crystals, it is still a versatile design that can take you from a casual day out to a formal occasion.

The SHE-4024 and SHE-4024G are two other models that also feature Fine Resin bracelets, as well as Swarovski elements on its dial and numeral markers. With a trendy big face and delicate bezel, these models sport a feminine and chic look.


The Casio Sheen SHE-4026SB (SGD293), SHE-4025SB (SGD286) and SHE-4024 (SGD199) are available at all Casio G-Factory stores and authorised dealers.