Conversation: Emcee N’fa


In Nookmag’s second edition of our Converse-sponsored column, Conversation, we spoke to emcee N’fa. Born in London and raised in Australia, N’fa is another recent recruit for The Butter Factory’s AOS crew. You may not have heard his name in this region, but he is already a star from where he hails from.


Being the only emcee in the AOS crew, N’fa broke into the music scene in Australia after high school with his hip hop band – 1200 Techniques. He wrote his first solo album titled Cause An Effect when 1200 Techniques went on hiatus in 2005. Interestingly, two of the music video from the album was shot by the late Heath Ledger.


Now based in Melbourne,  N’fa has just released an EP dubbed Babylondon under the name N’fa Jones. The lead single March On is getting heavy rotation on Australian national radio stations Triple JJJ and Nova. Currently, he is working on a follow-up solo album, as well as an album with Melbourne music collective Run For Your Life.


Nookmag (N): How’s the experience like with the AOS crew so far?

N’fa: Honestly, it’s been amazing and a whole lot of fun. The DJ crew is great! They’re all kinda crazy yet very cool and easy-going so that makes working together a breeze. The people behind the scene who keep the wheels in motion are super rad and they got a good grip on things. They keep us in line, yet I think they are more crazy than us. So altogether, it’s a blast.


N: What gave you the initial push into rapping?

N’fa: I just love the sound, the expression and the fun of it. Learning other people’s songs was the start when I was a kid. Then I began to write my own songs around the same time I started getting my head around freestyling. Being able to write songs is great for expression, but freestyling is awesome cos’ it’s like a game with words. Once you get good at it, you can pretty much rock any crowd.


N: Any formula for hyping up the crowd at a party?

N’fa: I like to read the crowd and try to picture the room from the crowd’s perspective. Like, if I was in the crowd, what would an MC have to do to make me like them, support them and let them guide me into letting go and having a good night. Everybody wants to have fun but sometimes they need a little push.




N: We understand that you are working on a new album. Is there a specific theme? What will you be rapping about?

N’fa: Yeah, I’m working on it right now. It’s sounding nice! Though I like to have fun with my music, my topics are generally about self determination, overcoming adversities, love,  life and my journey. I guess these are quite intimate subject matter. I don’t write about partying, girls or braggadocio too often. I leave the braggadocio for party rocking with AOS!


N: What keeps you inspired and creative?

N’fa: Everything. I mean, I’ve written some of my best songs in the most uninspiring environments like a bus ride and yet had no ideas while in a studio. Both a storm and a sunny day are as amazing as each other. It’s just a matter of how you feel about them and what positives and negatives you take from each experience.


N: What do you do for fun?

N’fa: Well, music is fun and I do that all the time. I guess I love discovering new places, especially food, coffee, bars, an interesting neighbourhood. I like to explore new places and people. I guess that’s why I love to travel. For example, I don’t really visit tourist destinations. I like to get lost amongst the people, sounds, smell and energy of a city.



N: Tell us one thing you adore most about Converse sneakers.

N’fa: They are sooo classic, especially the Chuck Taylors. You can pretty much wear them with anything at all…Classic!


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