Custom Cosmic Strike Corps


Five Cosmic Strike Corps (custom Mini Munny) are bulldozing their way into the Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention (STGCC) happening from 1 to 2 September 2012.


Specially designed by local artist Phu, the Cosmic Strike Corps are a legion of elite recon in the Interstar Grand Army. Their light armoured gear is designed to give them maximum movement and flexibility in combat. Their most essential equipment includes dart guns, ray guns, missile blasters and portable power units. These bad boys received special training to become efficient survivalists to aid in their military role.



As always, Phu’s art pieces are governed by his signature theme ‘Deconstruct/Recreate’. Staying true to his style of creating artistic gems with humble recycled materials, he used cardboard, cable ties, cloth, found objects, plastic rivets, wire and wooden rods in this series.




Each set of Cosmic Strike Corps comprises one Captain (Dart Master) in black, two Master Sergeant (The Blaster) in yellow and 2 Warrant Officer (Mr Tracker) in White. Accessories include dart guns, insignia flags, missile blasters, portable power units and ray guns.




Catch these Cosmic Strike Corps at The Custom Munny Show organized by Ozzo Collection that will be held at the upcoming STGCC (Marina Bay Sands Booth E34). Each set is available at SGD$130 (local) or USD$150 (international shipping).


Email Phu at [email protected] to reserve your piece.