Diana Baby 110


What started in the early 60′s, the Diana family have come a long way rekindling that romance with analog lovers and collectors alike. Lomography now proudly introduces the latest addition, the Diana Baby which supports the 110mm film format.






The new Diana baby definitely takes rule #1 – ‘ Take your camera everywhere ‘ to new heights. Here’s your chance to get sneaky with your shots and impress your friends. What’s more impressive is that this little runt does all the neat tricks of the ‘actual’ size Diana F+ such as multiple exposures and bulb mode for that night time light streaking.




The Diana baby also has a 12mm interchangeable lens for that wide angle shot, perfect for that self shot with friends.




Diana Baby 110 Specs.

Film format: 110mm

Exposure area: 13mm x 13mm square format

Lenses: 24mm (standard) / 12mm (wide angle)

Aperture: single f/8

Shutter speed: 1/100 / Bulb

Flash connection: PC socket


The Diana Baby 110 Standard (SGD$78) and the Diana Baby 110 + Lens Package (SGD$95) are available from the Lomography Gallery Store (295, South Bridge Rd, #01-01, S058838) and the Lomography Online Store.