Nothing beats seeing your passion become pseudo-massive. What started simply as a fascination with everything street turned into a business venture, as what Threedown manifests. Threedown, a street wear line in Manila, Philippines, was founded in 2009 by Ken Yamaguchi and Josef Amarra from De La Salle College of Saint Benilde and De La Salle University, respectively. Ken spills on their concept, inspirations, and insights on how Manila has been a cornucopia of different vibes that have helped them launch the clothing line.


Describe Threedown vividly to someone who is sightless.
Formality wise, We make and sell clothing merchandise. We are a “street wear” brand mainly cause we support not only the idea of it, but we support the people behind the “street scene”, the people who inspire us.


What made you set up Threedown?

Love and hate. Love for the community, the lifestyle, and the joy of reaching out to people who share the same interest which is hip-hop, graffiti, skateboarding, BMX, and everything in between. Of course no one can live on love alone. Hatred upon those fake perpetrating, “fronting like they’re all that” type of people and businesses.


Do you think Manila is a very conducive place for street wear/street fashion/street art?

Hell yeah! Manila is the breathing ground for everything street literally, hahahaha! May it be fashion, art and everything else, you can find it here in Manila. People like me who live in Manila thrive on these kinds of things.


How do you guys come up with your designs? What are the things/who are the people that mainly inspire you?

Designs come to me like lightning, I’ll never know when it hits but when it does, I make sure I get hit. Thank God lightning hits me all the time. Inspirations… well for one, other brands, but mainly our customers, experiences, family and friends.



Your favorite piece of clothing from your own line is…?

We love every single shirt we produce, otherwise why would we produce em? Hahaha


Will you be collaborating with another clothing line anytime soon?



This might be too cliché, but where do you guys see yourself 5 years from now?

That’s easy. Inside our own shop in Taft, Manila, with all our homies kickin’ it, and everybody’s happy!


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