Hot Off The Tracks


The Singapore leg of the Formula One (F1) race a couple of weeks back had left us hot on the heels of the speed demons behind their fancy wheels. One star that never fails to shine is Reebok athlete and McLaren F1 icon Lewis Hamilton, who greeted some lucky fans at an event organised by Reebok and 98.7FM.



Lewis Hamilton also met with Reebok Singapore CrossFit athlete, Samuel Lim. Both athletes showcased their fitness and enjoyed the CrossFit workout, which involved 250m rowing on the rowing machine, 50 double unders (jump rope) and 50 air squats.




“People don’t always recognize the level of fitness that driving a race car requires, but basic elements of fitness, like coordination, stamina, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility are key to my performance,” said Lewis Hamilton. “I like the CrossFit methodology of constantly varied movements, performed at high intensity because it is the type of program that gets you prepared for anything and everything, and that is just what I need for my sport.”