Hummel Flip-Flops


As much as we fancy sneakers, we can’t deny an essential staple in our daily wear – the awfully comfortable flip-flops. In this tropical region where the sun favours to shine, flip-flops are especially relieving to the feet. We bet even hardcore fashionistas are secretly feeling this way too.


Danish sportswear label Hummel is taking flip-flops to a whole level with a new smart-foam material called Solemade that promises fitted soles and ultimate comfort right at the feet. They can be moulded to the unique shape of your feet in three simple steps.


Step 1: Heat

Activate the Solemade’s smart foam layer by heating the flip-flops in a pre-heated oven (100 degree Celsius) for two minutes.


Step 2: Customise Fit

Carefully take the heated Solemade out of the oven and customise the fit by standing and walking firmly on the flip-flops for two minutes with your weight evenly distributed. (We’re guessing if you are able to walk barefoot on the beach on a sunny day, this should not be problem.)


Step 3: Enjoy!

Once cooled, your Hummel Solemade flip-flops are ready to rough it out in the sun!


Retailing at SGD49.90, Hummel Solemade flip-flops are available at