Impossible x NIGO PX70 Colour Shade

Constantly reinventing and experimenting to keep the magic of instant photography alive, The Impossible Project proves that nothing is quite impossible as long as you devote your heart into your creation. In its latest escapade, it ties up with street wear maven NIGO to inject some cool into the classic PX70 Colour Shade films. Finally a new film for the Polaroid SX70 cameras!




The limited edition Impossible x NIGO PX70 Colour Shade films contains NIGO’s design aesthetic akin to his many undertakings, one of which is his eponymous clothing label – A Bathing Ape. Eight unique pop colours vivaciously frame the films in every pack. And guess what? You’ll never know which eight colours to expect, adding on to the never-ending surprise of instant analogue photography. Enhancing the unique nature of each Impossible frame, the colours also match the rich hues and vintage tones that the PX70 presents.




The Impossible x NIGO PX70 Colour Shade, along with the widest collection of carefully refurbished Polaroid cameras and films, is available at Peek! – The Impossible Project Partner Store for Singapore.


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