There has been many news (or RSS) readers on iPhone / iPad platform. While Jing is loving her Pulse newsreader on iPhone, Flipboardprovides a great layout on iPad.

Apart from the usual RSS feeds, Flipboard introduces the concept of social magazine. It can subscribe to your FacebookTwitter,LinkedInFlickr and even Instagram. Such that your social media feeds are displayed & can be swiped like a magazine. If you’d previously used Google Reader, integration is easy. You would just need to provide the login to your Google account.

Jing loves the idea of an all-in-one reader. It is Jing’s newly found indulgence on lazy Sunday afternoons. Reading is made delightful again.

Here is how Jing’s Flipboard looks like.

Flipboard is available on App Store for Free.

Photo: Flipboard
by Jing 静