Life Tidbits: Chocolate Mug Cake

It’s 11.30pm; you’re working on your assignment with your laptop and a pile of notes stacked up messily beside you. You get hungry, ransack the kitchen, and upon finding nothing, you groan in frustration.


Sounds familiar? In this day and age, teenagers rely on food to get through the assignment-heavy nights. I mean, who doesn’t need a little fuel to aid us in that 1500-word essay due the next day?


I was stuck in that situation recently, my empty stomach screaming for food to satisfy it. Giving in to its demands, I hurried to my snack cupboard, only to find cobwebs suspending from its four corners.


Craving some chocolate cake, I got a mug from my cupboard, mixed some flour, eggs, milk chocolate, Nutella, margarine, and milk in, stuffed it in the microwave, and voila! Five minutes later, I was back on my couch, but this time accompanied with a piping hot and rich chocolate cake in a mug, and filled with happiness.


What’re you waiting for, get that mug, cocoa powder, and the few ingredients that most of you will have at home, and treat yourself to some chocolatey goodness!



Nutella Mug Cake

▪   4 tablespoons self rising flour

▪   4 tablespoons sugar

▪   1 egg

▪   3 tablespoons cocoa powder

▪   3 tablespoons Nutella

▪   3 tablespoons milk

▪   3 tablespoons olive oil or butter




1. Crack an egg into your mug.

Crack an egg into your mug!

Crack an egg into your mug!

2. Add the sugar.

Add sugar

Add sugar

3. Toss in the flour, milk and oil.

Add flour and milk

Add flour and milk and oil

4. Pour the cocoa powder and Nutella into the mug.

Add in the chocolate!

Add in the chocolate!

5. Combine all ingredients in a large coffee mug.

Looks icky, I know, but it'll change later!

Looks icky, I know, but it’ll change later!

6. Whisk well with a fork until smooth. Remember to make sure the flour, cocoa powder, and sugar and mixed well! You wouldn’t want to bite into lumpy white powder while enjoying your cake.

7. Microwave on high for about a minute and a half. Do not microwave it for too long, it might become dry.

8. Top the mug cake with some whipped cream and a little chocolate sauce if desired, and some low-fat ice cream will finish the dessert off splendidly.

Heaven in a cup

Heaven in a cup