Lomography Colour Tiger 110

Lomography has recently released a wild creature into the 110 jungle. It’s colorful, sharp and ready to capture everything that crosses its way. Everyone, meet the Lomography Colour Tiger 110mm film!


The Colour Tiger 110 is Lomography’s first 110mm colour negative film. It is the latest addition to the rapidly expanding 110 family as it joins his buddies – the Black & White Orca film and the brand new Fisheye Baby 110 camera.


Like all nocturnal hunters, the Lomography Color Tiger 110 is blessed with excellent eyesight. Having a 200 ISO enables him to spot his prey effortlessly by day and with a little help of a flash at night. Suitable for all 110 cameras, the Colour Tiger 110 is another step taken by Lomography in bringing back more variety to analogue photography. In other words, the future of the analogue empire is set to become a formidable force to be reckoned with.


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Retailing at SGD12.90, the Lomography Color Tiger 110 is available at the Lomography Gallery Store (295 South Bridge Road, #01-01 Singapore 058838) and the Lomography Online Shop.