Lomography Fisheye Baby


Our gut instincts told us something fishy was brewing at Lomography when it released the Orca 110mm film just last month. After all, Lomography was not producing any 110mm camera. We could only guess that it was the beginning of a major 110mm revival.


Soon after, Lomography amazed the analogue realm when it announced that it was having a baby! Indeed it was a baby Fisheye 2 camera that was specially designed to fit the 110mm film. Teeny but mighty, the Fisheye Baby 110 produces the same quirky 170° Fisheye pictures as her big brother, is equipped with a bulb mode and is able to capture multiple exposures.



The Fisheye Baby 110 is available in two models – Basic and Metal. The better endowed Metal comes with an additional PC flash adaptor and is wrapped in shiny metal while Basic simply lacks this flashy feature. What binds this pair of twins together is their love for a game of peek-a-boo as they effortlessly hide in every pocket.



Expect more goodies up Lomography’s sleeves as it promises more varieties for the 110mm film. Guess it’s time to dive into the long forgotten world of 110mm photography!




Technical Details:
Film Type: 110 film
Exposure Area: 17mm x 13mm
Aperture: Single f/8
Shutter: N (1/100) & Bulb
Tripod Mount: No
Dimensions: 68.5(W)x70(H)x51mm(d) (with modeling back) & 80(W)x73(H)x51mm(d) (with film transportation back)


Baby Fisheye 110 Metal (SGD95) and Basic (SGD68) are available at the Lomography Gallery Store (295 South Bridge Road, #01-01 Singapore 058838) and the Lomography online store.