Anatomicals – Britain’s funkiest bath and body company

Everyone wants to smell good. Hell, so do the boys. Enter Britain’s funkiest bath and body company—Anatomicals, a cult favorite of British celebs Victoria Beckham and Joss Stone.



Previously unavailable in Singapore (but now we do, thanks to the awesome people at, these edgy body cleansers, body creams and even lip balms will have you smelling like a blooming walk in the park—wherever you go.



Armed with a whole lot of attitude and a touch of British humor, each of these wacky items scream cool and cheeky messages across—from tropical fruit paradise “sud the lot of you” body cleansers to “help the paw” vitamin rich hand creams.



A spin off of names of the actual product, these funky must-haves are a great pick-me-up and bound to brighten up your day. Think body lotions named “not another rough day” (literally) for some baby smooth skin.



“We’re here to make you look good, feel good and smell good. But most of all, we’re here to make you happy and smile, whether you’re short or tall, fat or thin, hairy or smooth, male or female, gay or straight, beautiful or ugly. Okay, maybe not ugly.”


We understand you’re not made to resist yummlicious body products and such cheekiness. Neither are we.



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