Avalon launches new members’ only lounge Spider Room

After undergoing its final stages of renovations, Avalon reveals a revamped mezzanine bar, mixing bar and its brand new exclusive members’ only club lounge Spider Room—named after the legendary celebrity club Spider Club in Los Angeles. Recruited by invitation only, nominees are carefully curated and only crème de la crème will receive a navy blue leather card you can flash for entry.


Spider Room


Décor wise, think minimalist with sleek furniture pieces that resemble a ship’s deck—expect navy lounge couches trimmed with white upholstery, polished wooden beams and gold table lamps. Draping sails across floor-to-ceiling glass panels prevent prying eyes from looking in, adding a nautical aura to the space. The sweeping curvature of the bar brings rolling sea waves to mind—working hand-in-hand with subtle hues of blue that cast an aquamarine glow to create an ambient night out at San Tropez.



Following after its big brother in Los Angeles and New York, Spider Room Singapore is a 300-seater lounge that serves a selection of premium alcohol and 13 classic American cocktails exclusively designed by local mixologist extraordinaire of drink programs at Bar Stories, Drink Culture and Maison Ikkoku—Ethan Leslie Leong.



Blending new age styles with classic concoctions, Leong adds a twist to traditional favorites like whiskey sour ($29)—served straight up instead of on the rocks or in a tall glass, blackberry sour ($25) with amaretto, or Kyoho grapes martini ($28) with vodka and lemon for an dash of Asian fusion.


Whiskey sour ($29)


Blackberry sour ($25)



For a refreshing mix, pick up a mojito sorbet ($25) that will soothe your throat with a dash of mint and sorbet—the perfect concoction for Singapore’s humid weather. If you need a shot of something to jolt your senses awake, the Afogatto martini ($25) is just the thing you need. Concocted with Patron coffee XO, Italian hazelnut liqueur and vanilla gelato, you’ll be left wanting more.


Mojito sorbet ($25)


Afogatto martini ($25)


Usual suspects like horse’s neck ($25)—a mix of brandy, ginger liqueur, lemon and soda, and old fashioned ($25) concocted with Jerry Thomas bitters, bourbon, topped with zesty orange show up on the menu. Inspired by the classic James Bond martini, dark vesper 007 ($32) is darker than the traditional drink, infused with Bitter Truth violet liqueur.


Old fashioned ($25)


Dark vesper 007 ($32)


Don’t miss Spider Room’s signature drink Spider Torch ($32)—spun out of a web of muddled black grapes, lemon juice gin and rosemary, served with crushed ice built into a Collins glass that’s ignited before drinking—talk about a flaming success.


Spider torch ($32)

Avalon, Marina Bay Sands, South Crystal Pavilion, 10 Bayfront Ave., 6597-8333, www.avalon.sg. Open Wed-Sun 10pm-4am.


Mandy Lynn is a dining and lifestyle columnist at Nookmag with an intense passion for food, nightlife, and travel, and loves sharing #foodporn at Gourmet Adventures in her free time.