The Muay Thai SG Challenge 2013

Feel the rush of adrenaline pumping through your veins as Muay Thai heavy weights (including top finalists from The Challenger Asia and homegrown talent) battled it out in the ring at The Muay Thai Singapore Challenge 2013 on Apr 13. Presented by Chang Beer, the inaugural Muay Thai challenge was held at The Coliseum at The Hard Rock Hotel, garnering a whopping 1,500 fans, cheering the fighters on to the finish.



A total of nine matches took place that night with five local fighters in the lineup: Mohd. Azhari, Zay Yar Oo, Ian Koh, Challi Bassina and Chai Kai Quan. Each match goes through five rounds (of three minutes each) before a verdict is finalized, or winning by knock out. One of the most hair-raising fights was put up by our very own Singaporean fighter Ian Koh (T-minor) against Irwansyah (Iron Fist) from Indonesia, and Singaporean Chai Kai Quan (Tyrant) versus Serial Efendi (Evolution) from Indonesia.


The only female Singaporean fighter to participate in the Muay Thai Singapore Challenge 2013, Challi Bassina rose to the challenge and trashed female Malaysian fighter Ella Tang—living up to her fight name, The Terminator.


Challi Bassina (Singapore) vs. Ella Tang (Malaysia)




The Indonesia fighters put up an aggressive fight—hammering down our local fighters ever so often. Despite that, our fighters put up a good fight and showcased great showmanship. It was obvious (from the cheers and jeers) who the crowd was rooting for, as Singapore Challenge Welter Weight Belt title holder Kai (Tytant) fought against Serial (Evolution). There were a times when we were certain he was about to be knocked out, but we were left in awe of his incredible fighting spirit to get up and fight till the end.


Chai Kai Quan (Singapore) vs. Serial Efendi (Indonesia)



Out of the five fighters representing Singapore, Zar Zar Oo, Challi Bassina, Ian Koh and Mohd. Azhari, emerged victorious in the finals. Said 25 year old Singapore Challenge Feather Weight Belt title holder Azhari, “I am very happy over my win. It still hasn’t sunk in that I won a title belt. Now I am more driven and eager to continue striving for greatness!”


Mohd. Azhari (Singapore) vs. Rudy Agustian (Indonesia)


Mohd. Azhari, 25


Despite having three hours of sleep (due to two major papers the day before the fight), local favorite Ian Koh, 23, persevered by telling himself that tiredness is only a perception, overcoming it and winning the match. “The feeling was indescribable. All the time and effort put in training really paid off!”


Ian Koh (Singapore) vs. Irwansyah (Indonesia)


Congratulations to all the winners, especially our very own homegrown talent for doing Singapore proud—showing us that indeed, impossible is nothing.


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