Mix-tape Fridays by A Decent Shop


This week, Nookmag unearths some extra sweet goodies from A Decent Shop. For a while now, these ardent fellas have not only been treating the online community to cool quirky finds, they have also been curating and releasing short mix-tapes every other Fridays that explore a certain genre or style of music that interests them.


The mix-tapes are born out of the boys’ love for music and their desire to give back to the community by sharing their favourite tracks, especially unexplored music in the indie scene.


This week, the mix-tape focuses on happy, feel-good music. Why so jubilant? Simply because the mood reflects how the boys are feeling now given that things have been going well for them. Dubbed Poptart, the mix-tape features up and coming names in the indie-pop scene like Two Door Cinema Club and the very talented 17-year-old multi-instrumentalist George Barnett.


“We especially love the opening track ‘Always Spring’ by I’m from Barcelona. This song reminds us that no matter what terrible circumstances we are trapped in, we should always try to remember that somewhere else out there in the world, it is always spring,” the boys from A Decent Shop express.


So, sit back, enjoy the music and let the sweet pop inspired melodies evoke thoughts and feelings of chewing on Poptarts…


Click here to listen to this week’s mix-tape – Poptart!