Mix-tape Fridays: Do You French?


A couple of Fridays ago, the boys from A Decent Shop released a mix-tape honouring the talents of Singapore as the nation celebrates its 47th birthday. This week, the boys take their mix-tape up to France!


Drawing inspiration from their last mix-tape concept that stirred up a wild success, the boys aim to create a mini-series of location centric mixes.


With a line-up of eclectic French inspired material, the compilation features popular indie-French artists such as Carla Bruni and Peppermoon, as well as other non-French acts that sing in the language. As such, this week’s mix-tape is playfully named as Parlez-vous Français ( french for “Do you speak French?”).


In their own words, the boys pick out their highlight of the release…

“Our favourite track this week will definitely have to be Quequ’un M’a Dit  by Carla Bruni. Despite being a model and having rubbed shoulders with the likes of Donald trump, Carla Bruni became especially popular in the indie scene when this song of hers was featured in the romantic hit of 2009 (500) Days of Summer . Even when we don’t understand the exact meaning of the words or even the general theme of a song, there’s still a sense of being carried along by the singer’s conviction. Carla Bruni sings softly, thoughtfully, enjoying the game of finding words that have opposite or ambiguous meanings, and resolving unusual rhymes. With impeccably emotive guitar to go along with her smooth voice, it would not be farfetched to say we are in love with her talent.”


As you enjoy the lyrical French melodies, close your eyes and picture yourself sipping coffee along the streets of Paris. Of course, it will feel more real if you have a good cuppa in your hands.


Click here to listen to this week’s mix-tape – Parlez-vous Français?