Mix-tape Fridays: Kingston Town


This week’s mix-tape edition by A Decent Shop (ADS) dubbed Kingston Town represents a grand mission as it presents a collection of music that is inspired by the genre of reggae.


As of late, ADS has boldly ventured into the realm of audio peripherals to spice up its catalogue. To kick things off, it has brought in The House of Marley. A collection of Bob Marley inspired headphones and earphones, these audio accessories not only aim to be of high quality, they are also earth-friendly. These devices are forged out of materials that are sustainable, renewable and highly recyclable. Also, every product you purchase results in a portion of your money going to charities that support the youth, the planet and peace. How’s that for a karma boost?


In launching this great range of products, ADS has whipped up a mix-tape that celebrates the music that Bob Marley stood for – reggae. It starts off with the legendary Bob Marley and moves down the timeline to more modern tracks as the mix comes to a close. Feel the reggae groove and off-beat syncopated rhythms as ADS takes you to the birth-place of reggae music – the sunny palm beaches and crystal Caribbean waters of Kingston, Jamaica.


Click here to groove to this week’s mix-tape – Kingston Town!