Mix-tape Fridays: Midnight Textures


We are right smack in the middle of the exam season and it is not unusual to see students hanging out at cafés pouring over their textbooks, with music as a crucial entertainment companion.


This week’s mix-tape by A Decent Shop, titled Midnight Textures, is specially dedicated to these students who are spending the last few days before the exams to cram in every last detail into their heads. Studying is great and all, but research has proven that adequate rests in between these study sessions are what makes or breaks your memory retention. So what better way to do that then to have a series of tunes that puts your mind at ease? Midnight Textures does just that.


Showcasing a selection of smooth jams, this mix-tape brings together great tunes in the chillwave/shoegaze cross-genre. These songs don’t only have a relaxing beat, they are also laid-over with smooth vocals  and riffs that take your mind off things. In fact, you don’t need to be a student to enjoy this mix. Plug this in whenever you feel the need to chill a little.


Featuring up-and-coming names in the chillwave scene such as Pandit and Poolside, A Decent Shop hopes this week’s mix will leave you feeling well rested and refreshed.


Click here to chill to this week’s mix-tape – Midnight Textures!