Mix-tape Fridays: National Day Special


This week, the level of patriotic sentiment rises to an all-year high as the entire nation celebrates Singapore’s 47th birthday. Celebrating this special occasion by reveling in the nation’s talent pool, the boys from A Decent Shop are treating the online community to a dose of their favourite local music in this latest mix-tape release.


The mix-taped is dubbed Independent to reflect the 47th year of the country’s independence, and the great independent music scene she has come to develop.


“We feel that Singapore has a great indie music scene that people have just begun to explore. We want to do our part by sharing these gems with as many people as possible. We hope that listeners will find that Singapore does in fact have a diverse local music scene that is slowly growing bigger. We also hope that this mix-tape will inspire our listeners to provide greater support to our home-grown artistes,” the boys commented.


The mix-tape features the likes of indie starlet Inch Chua and up-and-coming acts such as The Sets Band. The boys also threw in a couple of local Alternative staples such as Electrico to make this mix-tape as all-encompassing as possible.


As you enjoy this National Day holiday, allow yourself to be mesmerised by these local gems…


Click here to listen to this week’s mix-tape – Independent!