How far can you take the innovativeness of a watch? Just as we thought we had seen and experienced the best and the most ingenious designs out there, Swedish watch brand Mutewatch came along and swept us off our feet. And as we have witnessed firsthand, you don’t have to be loud to capture attention.


Finally arriving in Singapore, the watch has been awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design Award: Product Design. The Red Dot judging panel was quick to appreciate the sleek, minimal design and touchscreen interface of the Mutewatch and its unique blend of fashion and function.




Since its official launch at Berlin Fashion Week in July 2011, Mutewatch has become a byword for stylish, design innovation and hitech fashion.


Renowned fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld walked into Colette in Paris and bought three Mutewatches, while Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak revealed, “I have a Mutewatch, which is almost undetectable as a watch. It’s a masterpiece of combining materials in ways I’ve never before seen. Very creative and unique.”


Mutewatch is more than just a watch. It is an intuitive, discreet device that delivers pure, minimal design and functionality created for contemporary life. The hidden digital display is activated either by a tap of the finger, or via the built-in motion sensor with a simple 90-degree flick of the wrist – a unique, eyecatching function and sure-fire conversation starter. The display automatically adapts to the surrounding light intensity to deliver optimal glow.



With a horizontal swipe of the finger across the flat surface you can access the Mutewatch functions – clock, alarm and timer. Tap the digits to set and simply pinch across the touch screen to erase. You can programme up to five silent alarms and one timer that discreetly vibrate in short or long bursts. So, whether you are giving an important presentation, working out in the gym, or simply having a job where keeping track of time is expected but constantly looking at your watch isn’t, Mutewatch will keep you updated on your next step.


The Mutewatch is also ideal as a morning alarm clock when used in long vibration mode. Never again will you need to wake your partner when your alarm goes off! It also features an all important snooze function for that crucial extra few minutes of shut-eye.



A built-in USB connector allows you to charge the battery fully within two hours. With a full charge, the watch can operate for three to four days. In the future, this connector will also allow for firmware updates, ensuring the Mutewatch is adaptable and future proof.




Available in either Charcoal Grey or Poppy Red, Mutewatch is now exhibited at the red dot design museum in Singapore and retails at SGD399 at key fashion and design stores such as Tangs, Cumulus, red dot museum shop, Threadbare & Squirrel, WeSC stores and authorised dealers.