New Impossible Project Films


The Impossible Project has released two new films – a new film type that boasts more colour protection and ensures better photo development as well as a second edition of its wildly popular NIGO® for Impossible film.


In its continued quest to fully restore the magic and wonders of instant photography to its full glory, The Impossible Project has launched a new film type for the PX 70 and the PX 680 range of cameras. This comes off the heels of its highly-publicised Impossible Instant Lab Kickstarter campaign.


This new set of PX 70 and the PX 680 colour films boasts richer colours. With the employment of highly improved chemicals, shielding your instant prints when they are ejected while shooting indoors has become a thing of the past.


Alternative photography store Peek! has kindly sponsored a new pack of PX 70 film to Nookmag to experiment with. Needless to say, I am stoked with the photos that came out. Sure, there were a couple of failed shots but such occurrences are normal when dabbling with film. The colours developed beautifully with a vintage tinge and the results are so much more stable and less unpredictable due to the stronger and improved emulsion.




The sensitivity of the film towards light has greatly improved. With the older Impossible films, shielding the print when it was being ejected from the camera was an extremely crucial thing to do. Exposure to light would have terribly affected the development of the photo. In contrast, the new film does not require any shielding indoors. It is still recommended to shield the print when shooting outdoors to prevent overexposure.




One tip – turn the lighten/darken control wheel to the darkest mark for well-contrasted photos. Setting the mark in the middle appears to produce overexposed shots. Feel free to play around with it to get the most ideal results.




More than just a vast improvement in its latest issue of colour instant films, The Impossible Project has also released a second edition of its collaboration with cult brand NIGO®, further reiterating its popularity and success of the first issue.




The second edition features the iconic A Bathing Ape icon right in the centre of the Impossible instant print. Fusing Impossible’s artistic hues with the playful nature of NIGO’s A Bathing Ape, this film brings about a novel and fun experience when shooting with the SX 70 camera.




The new Impossible PX 70 and the PX 680 films as well as the second edition of the NIGO® for Impossible film are available at The Impossible Project Partner Store right above Peek! (36 Armenian Street, #01-04/02-04, Singapore 179934) and Thirtysix (91 Bencoolen Street, Sunshine Plaza, #01-32, Singapore 189652).