Street Mode: Tokyo Tattoo Tights

Just because we can’t get enough of the trend-setting fashion capital of Asia, we’re bringing you another popular trend at the moment and that is Patterned & Tattoo Tights, hot off the streets of Tokyo! From wild, playful and outrageous patterned tights, to the lightly printed tattoo tights, they’ve become so popular in the Tokyo street fashion scene that it’s no longer just a form of underwear or something to cover up and keep warm, but it’s a key accessory adding flare, texture, and an interesting layer to any outfit. Let’s take a look at how they play around with this exciting new accessory that is yet to really take off in the West and other parts of Asia…
This is the shop entrance to one of the most influential legwear boutiques in Harajuku – the famous “Avantgarde” store in Ura-Harajuku.

Hanna, 21, Shop Assistant at Avantgarde – We love how she has combined her colorful floral tattoo tights with her equally cool Vivienne Westwood wing shoes.

Arisa, 19, Shop Assistant – Brighten up any black and white outfit with a pair of flaming red patterned tights and add to the quirkiness with a complimenting new hair color!

Ayako, 20, Student – Be a little more subtle with a pair of tattoo tights with a single tattoo print on one leg. Ayako is also wearing a Hystric Glamour dress and R&E shoes.

Misaki, 20, Student – We like how Misaki keeps it cool and simple with her single striped tattoo tights adding the smallest touch of detail.

Kiri, 29, Office Worker – We love how there is so much going on in this outfit yet everything compliments the other with the feathered headpiece, graphic bird print, and animal tattoo tights.

Asuka, 17, Student – Tie your whole outfit together with a pair of fun and quirky tights covered in everything from roses, skulls, hearts, flowers, and butterflies. We love how it compliments perfectly the playfulness of the printed blouse.
So these are just a few ways to incorporate patterned and tattoo tights into your wardrobe. Wear them with confidence and you’ll be amazed at how they can transform any outfit day or night just by adding that extra bit of “wow”ness!
We’ll be back later in the month with a look at one of the biggest trends in Seoul at the moment!
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