The First World Series by RCGNIZED Products

The RCGNTN (pronounced re-cog-ni-tion) First World Status campaign confronts the public with questions that express the pressing issues that Singapore faces in striving for First World status. To highlight these issues, its clothing arm RCGNIZED Products has launched The First World Series collection on April Fool’s Day.




The first drop of the series sees the release of two designs heavily inspired by the country’s intense desire to propel itself to First World status. The Succumb & Submit tee evokes an in-depth look into Singapore’s progress which sees its citizens being driven in one direction – predominantly pursuing the dollar. It forces one to truly reflect – is this what it means to be a First World Citizen?




The subtle RCGNIZED First World Citizen tee features an unpretentious black sewn-on patch for citizens to wear with pride.




And it is with greater pride that RCGNIZED Products takes in packaging its apparels. Every purchase of its tees comes with a unique localised packaging and stickers that screams RCGNTN’s distinctive identity.



RCGNIZED Products is available at the Hypethetic Store (Golden Landmark, #01-22) as well as through its e-store.