The Orca – 110 Film Comeback


A new resurrection in the analogue world is set to shake things up in the photography realm. Lomography has recently announced the comeback of the 110 film. Named after one of the biggest creature – The Orca, this new range of 110 film will please your analogue pocket cameras with 100 ISO and crispy black and white tones.


Lomography presents an exclusive 5,000 pieces of 110 film in its first production run. This first production has a special unpredictable feature – a missing back paper that allows the last four pictures to catch some light leaks. Such is Lomography’s signature experimental style that suits the brave-hearted Lomographers.



When the 110 film production ceased in 2009, analogue enthusiasts suffered a great loss. What’s more exciting about this comeback is Lomography’s promise that it is only the tip of the iceberg. This can only mean a massive revival of an army of 110 film in a very near future. Maybe a new 110mm camera by Lomography too? The condemned simply refuses to die. Who says analogue is dead? Just wait and see.


Retailing at SGD12.90, The Orca is availableĀ at the Lomography online store.