Theseus : Minotaur


Fresh from exhibiting his jewellery sculpture at Extreme Beauty Exhibition alongside noted fashion photographers such as Skye Tan and Fadhli Rahman, jewellery artist Yahn Adam introduces a new jewellery collection – Theseus : Minotaur. The fashion jewellery collection is aimed at confident men and women who are resilient and empowering – individuals who dare to be non-conformists.


Theseus : Minotaur is inspired by two of Greek’s greatest mythological characters – Theseus (the founder-king of Athens) and Minotaur (the ferocious half-bull-half-man monster). According to the myth, King Minos of Crete imprisoned his enemies in the Labyrinth so that the Minotaur could eat them. One day, Theseus decided to go to Crete to slay the Minotaur and end the human sacrifices to the monster.




“The collection is contemporary yet edgy. It’s designed for the undeterred, resilient men and women who dare to go against all odds,” said Yahn, founder and artist of his label – Yahn Adam. He also added that this complements the label’s principles of being bold and sophisticated for everyday wear.




For Yahn Adam, every moment is an opportunity to flaunt a fashion statement. With the perfect accessory, even the simplest outfit can be instantly glammed up. He gives the label a defining character as he focuses on balancing the identities of the opposites (femininity against masculinity, light versus darkness) while infusing the accessories with edgy and mostly androgynous designs.


Available on GNOSSEM, the Theseus : Minotaur collection ranges from SGD79 – SGD379. Every piece comes in a designer jewellery velvet pouch.