WanderWonder: A Gentleman’s Wear



Fiercely independent and extremely passionate, local label WanderWonder builds its brand upon the spirit of flâneur – an expression aptly described by Charles Baudelaire as ‘a gentleman stroller of city streets’. While that may sound profoundly superficial, it is in and of itself a philosophy of living, thinking and of course, dressing.


Started in 2008, the brand is born of an inherent curiosity of the world, a passion to explore and to discover. Leading by example, WanderWonder’s mission is to show you how to dress and stroll like a gentleman. After all, it is the Arbiter of Gentlemanly Dress.




So who wonders in the world of WanderWonder? These folks are the creative types, boys who have graduated from streetwear and men who have graduated from run-of-the-mill fashion. They are confident of who they are and for this reason, they are selective and hell no, they do not conform.


In a parallel attitude, WanderWonder is not about churning out collections season after season because it has to, or buckling under the increasing pressure of androgynous expression in menʼs fashion. It is about dressing the modern gentleman in its own utilitarian fashion and making shirts that get better after each wear. Never swaying in its dignity, WanderWonder is about creating menswear meant to endure fleeting fashion trends.




Dressy but never formal, WanderWonder has become known for quality shirts and footwear, particularly its oxford shirts and brogue shoes that bear playful details.


WanderWonder proudly collaborates with exceptional brands that employ time honoured techniques in their craft (artisans like Tanner Goods, Viberg Boot and Bexar Goods Co.) to produce highly limited runs of products that are representative of the WanderWonder spirit. It has also been selected by Tellason to distribute the San Francisco brandʼs dry goods in the region.




Address: 65A Haji Lane, Singapore 189258
Opening Hours: 12pm-8pm (Mondays – Thursdays); 12pm-10pm (Saturdays); 12pm-8pm (Sundays)
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