Minimalism takes on a new style in the design of ZIIIRO watches. A quick glance at the handless timepiece and you wonder if this eye-catching gadget is about as useful as a sundial in the modern age. Trust us – reading time is especially fun once you have figured out how. 




With ZIIRO, it is about acquiring a feel for reading time. Using a constantly changing pattern of rings to indicate the passing of time, colourful circular swirls ingeniously replace the usual pointed hands on the ZIIIRO watch face.  The thinner swirl on the outside represents the minutes while the bigger one represents the hours.



The timepiece features a rubber coated stainless steel strap that moulds comfortably to the shape of your wrist. Its 30-metre water resistant trait also ensures you are securely free from aquaphobia.


Retailing between SGD150 to SGD230, ZIIIRO is available at www.adecentshop.com.